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Recommendations To Install A Great-Looking Limestone Driveway

A stable and dust-reducing driveway improves your property in value and appearance but requires the right installation and planning to be a successful feature in your yard. There are many types of pavement you can choose from; gravel is by far one of the most inexpensive but still provides a solid surface. Here are some recommendations to help you get a great looking and long-lasting limestone gravel driveway installed on your property.

Understand the Value in Limestone

Gravel driveways can be built using a variety of rock types, including decorative volcanic rock, marble chips, or rounded pea gravel. However, limestone is an attractive stone that helps reduce the heat absorption in your yard with its lighter colors of grey and white, and it also provides a quality material to promote good drainage from rainfall and snow melt. Limestone is a very porous rock that will provide a durable surface when it is compacted and will look great thanks to its uniform appearance.

Mark Out Your Boundaries

Before you can lay your first load of gravel, make sure you mark out where your driveway's boundaries will be so you can excavate the area to make room for all the layers of gravel. A traditional long-lasting gravel driveway should consist of ten to twelve inches of gravel, so you will need to remove at least as much soil from the site.

A skid steer or a bobcat loader is a great machinery option to make this part of the process easy. Be sure the foundation of the site is level and compacted without any air pockets.

Plan For Border Materials

Look at the edges of your future limestone driveway and make sure you are planning to install a barrier to keep the gravel in place. If you leave the existing soil to act as a barrier, the soil will work its way into the gravel and reduce the solidarity of the driveway. Look at installing a concrete curb border or one made of railroad ties or concrete paving blocks. This will help both physically and visually divide the limestone from the surrounding landscaping.

Layer the Gravel Appropriately

The first and bottom layer for your limestone driveway should be made up of four inches of angular gravel two to three inches in width. The middle layer should be medium-sized angular gravel, and the top layer is small-sized gravel, each one four inches in depth. As you install your driveway, compact each layer in place to help interlock the edges of the gravel to make the layers stable. 

Contact a company like Small's Sand Gravel Inc to learn more about limestone driveways.