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Paving Parts of Your Property with Asphalt

Asphalt is a material that is often used in major paving projects. While it is a highly durable, affordable, and attractive option, many people still prefer to understand their options before they pave a large section of their property.

Appreciate the Benefits of Paving Relatively Flat Surfaces

While it is possible to pave surfaces that are on an incline, this will be far more difficult than paving a flat surface. Furthermore, it can greatly increase the risks of complications developing that could cause problems for the asphalt pavement in the future. This is because the stress on the pavement can be unevenly distributed, which may result in cracks forming on the pavement. As a result, you should typically prefer areas that are fairly flat or that can be excavated to be flat.

Consider Potential Threats to the Asphalt Pavement

When you are considering where you want the pavement to be applied, it is important to have an eye towards the potential threats that can strike the pavement. This type of foresight will allow you to design the pavement to mitigate these threats. For example, if the pavement will be in an area that receives heavy rainfall or that may be prone to developing puddles of water, you can install better drainage so that this water will be transported away from the pavement. Additionally, you can have the center of the pavement slightly elevated so that it will push the water away.

Apply Reflective Lines to the Edges of the Asphalt

Asphalt will often be used to pave the driveway of the home. However, homeowners will often underestimate the problems that they may have with seeing the edges of the pavement at night. This can lead to them going off the driveway, which could lead to the vehicle getting stuck and damage occurring to the landscaping.

You can help to mitigate this by having reflective lines painted on the edges of the driveway. These lines will allow you to see the edges of the pavement far more easily so that you can keep the car on the asphalt even when it is dark, foggy, or rainy. It is important to use reflective paint instead of basic yellow or white paint for this work. This will allow the paint to reflect some of the light that is shining from your car's headlights, which will make these lines stand out far more easily.

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