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Factors To Consider When Building An ADU

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary home located within the same lot as a larger main house. ADUs are an ideal way of expanding your home to accommodate more people, especially if you have a growing or aging family. An ADU can also be a source of rental income in a housing market that does not provide enough affordable housing. However, before investing in an ADU, you should consider factors like the following.

Property Layout

Your property's current layout and design are among the most critical factors to consider before putting your ADU plans in motion. For instance, you should develop plans complimenting your home's architectural style to prevent the ADU from minimizing the property's aesthetic appeal. You should also evaluate your lot's physical properties. For example, you should determine the location of electrical, water, sewer, and gas lines to prevent their destruction during construction. Moreover, it would help if you ascertained the property's gradient and drainage properties to find the best place to construct the ADU.

Building Regulations

Every area has state and local building codes to which all building plans must adhere before receiving construction approval. Thus, is vital to visit your area's building department to learn what to expect before finalizing your ADU house plans. The visit will help you understand the size restrictions associated with ADUs and the minimum amenities the city expects to find in the house plans. You should also consult your homeowners' association to determine whether there are community-specific restrictions that can affect your construction plans. 

Level of Privacy

People use ADUs for various purposes, including renting them out, housing family members like children, aging parents, and siblings, or as pool houses. Thus, the home should provide some level of privacy depending on whom you intend to occupy the property. If the ADU is going to house family members, it can have a minimal level of privacy as it facilitates family interactions. However, if you want to earn rental income, the ADU house plans should incorporate several layers of privacy to ensure your tenants and family members feel comfortable living close to each other. 

Size and Access

Though most jurisdictions have restrictions on the maximum size of ADUs, it is important to construct a home that has adequate space. The ADU plans should provide enough living and storage space to enable comfortable living for its occupants. On the other hand, the home should not be too large to contribute to unnecessarily high maintenance, heating, and cooling costs. The ADU plans should also include a separate access point even if the home is not detached from the main house. Other accessibility amenities include a separate backdoor to access the property.

To learn more about ADU plans, reach out to a contractor near you.